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How to find the house of your dreams in Italy and what you need to consider ensuring a satisfactory outcome:

The dream home many Germans look for in Italy is most of the time characterized by the following attributes: Secluded location, panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, spacious, stone walls, terracotta floors, fireplace, large plot, etc.. Such country houses are offered all over the region either renovated or in the original condition. The price range starts for restored houses at approx. 150.000 and differs depending on the region (Marche rather low range, Umbria medium range, and Tuscany rather high range)

Can I purchase a house without difficulty as a German? There are no limitations for EU citizens. Only neighboring farmers have preemptive rights for countryside properties.

How long does it take to obtain licenses? Usually faster than in Germany and many other countries. For a simple building permit for example, one can start building after 30 days automatically if not notified otherwise by the community.

Can I attach a terrace? You can always attach a covered terrace. Premise: closed only towards the house and the minimum distance to the neighboring property is met.

Will a pool be approved? Yes, yet some communities require it to be installed with a shell instead of the pouring concrete. Moreover a suitable water filter needs to be installed in order to avoid a frequent change of water.

What does it cost to supply the property with water and electricity? The costs for water and electricity cannot be compared to the costs of the same installations in Germany. Even if the next port is located a little further away (this is rarely the case), only minor amounts incur. So it is possible to have a water supply line of 1 km installed on a gravel road and re-gravel it for only about 5000 .
















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