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The country & its people

Italy, a member of the EU and the Eurozone, is one of the oldest holiday destinations for German tourists. 10,2 Million German visitors are expected to travel Italy in 2008. Since Italy is part of the EU, Germans can live, work and also start a company in Italy without any problems.

Form of government: Since 1946 Italy is a republic with a parliament (630 members) and a senate (324 senators), head of state and prime minister. Italy is a member of the NATO, the G-8 countries, the UNO and the OECD. The compulsory military service was suspended in 2005.

Area: 301.336 km˛ (Germany 357.048 km˛), there of Sicily 25.708 km˛ and Sardinia 24.090 km˛. 7.600 kilometers of coastline including

Population: 57,34 million inhabitants: 190 inhabitants per square kilometer. Largest cities: Rome 2,65 million inhabitants, Milan 1,3 million, Naples 1 million, Turin 909.000, Palermo 686.000.

Population: 57,34 million inhabitants: 190 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Largest cities: Rome 2,65 million inhabitants, Milan 1,3 million, Naples 1 million, Turin 909.000, Palermo 686.000.

Airports: International airports Rome-Fiumicino, Milan-Malpensa, Bologna, Genoa, Naples, Turin, Venice, Pisa, Rimini, Ancona as well as many regional airports. Daily flights leave from several airports in Germany to Milan and Rome. Flight time 1.5 to 2 hours.

Driver’s license and car: The German driver’s license is valid in Italy without limitations. Since 1996, also residents from other EU countries don’t have to exchange the license of the respective country. Transfer registration of cars: To bring a car from another EU country to Italy and register it, can be expensive depending on the capacity of the car. You should calculate with about € 800.

Salaries: Italian salaries statistically range about 35% below the German level.

Job search: Works best with connections. If you are lacking connections, job advertisements in local newspapers can be helpful. Theoretically it is also possible to have the German employment center arrange employment in other EU countries.

Taxes: Income tax: income sources as known from Germany are taxed on a progressive scale from 23 % to 45 %. The maximum tax rate is applied to incomes Euro 70.000 and higher. Italy is financed in a large part with the VAT, high consumption taxes (gasoline) and customs.

Benefits for investors: Possibilities to receive subsidies out of different funds of the EU, depending on the project.

Common type of company: The most commonly used type of company is the Societá a responsabilitá limitata (short Srl), which can more or less be compared with the German GmbH (capital stock at least Euro 10.000). Moreover there is the Societá per azioni (short SpA) or stock corporation (capital stock at least Euro 100.000). Foundation with a notary present, entry in the register of joint stock companies.

Infrastructure: Corresponds to the central European standard. 16.031 km railroad network, 317.000 km streets, 9.500 km highways. 591 cars per 1.000 inhabitants.

Most important ports: Genoa, Trieste, Venice, Livorno, Naples, Palermo. 2.400 km inland water routes.

Business opportunities: Of interest for foreigners with production plants, opportunities in the trade (export/import), in the tourism sector and gastronomy, in the real estate sector or as a freelancer.

Mail delivery time: Letters 5 to 10 days from or to Germany; 1 to 5 days by express or courier. In a countryside location it is recommendable to get a P.O. Box in the nearest village.

Trade: Germany is an important trading partner for exports (16,5 %) and imports (18,8 %), right before France and England.

Exported goods: Cars, Fashion (textile, shoes), chemistry, engine building.

Resources: mineral oil, coal, natural gas.

Healthcare: Very good welfare system with the conventional, yet nowadays hardly fundable benefits.

Kindergarten and school system: The Italian state guarantees a full-day childcare of a minimum of 8 hours. Kindergartens normally open at 8:30 am and close at 4:30 pm. The costs differ depending on the community. The school system offers similar full-day programs.

Citizens of the European Community are regarded equal to Italians in all legal matters. Yet a residence permit is still necessary if you consider settling in Italy. But issuing the residence permit is solely an administrative act and the Aliens Department will issue it usually within six weeks.
















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