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The following information has been extensively researched for you by us, yet it serves only informational purposes and offers no legal advice. Therefore no liability can be assumed for the provided information.


In Italy there are only a limited number of houses in the countryside, which is mandated in order to uphold the picturesque landscape. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to build a house in the countryside, with only very few exceptions. Instead, only the detectable volume of the original foundation (above-ground) of an already existing house can be rebuilt. These provisions generally apply to all of Italy, yet can theoretically be altered by the respective communities. Keeping in mind these provisions, an older house or property, which by most people’s standards might be considered worth little based on the condition of the actual house or property, will however regain a tremendous amount of value based on the Italian government’s regulation to uphold the current amount of residences in these parts of the country. Therefore, a ruin can serve as a very exclusive building site and the actual condition of a property plays in many cases a minor role. Factors that determine the price are amongst others the following: The location (and distance to larger towns), the view, whether it is a secluded location, the accessibility, the distance to the sea, architectural or historical characteristics, whether the majority of the original material is still existing, no noise disturbance, the condition, the cut of the plot, the size of the plot and the quality.

Example: Renovation bathroom:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8

Often the varying conditions of the houses regarding the renovation effort, are also often completely overrated. One should realize, for example, that a collapsed roof beam carries little weight in the effort of a complete renovation of the roof (covering, replacements if necessary, reinforced cement layer, new “old” chimneys, thermal insulation, roofing, renew convex and concave tiles) Another factor are the architectural differences of the houses. Generally one shouldn’t be scared of the adventure to renovate an old house. The satisfaction and the bonding to a house that result from such a renovation are incomparable and worth the effort.

Example mounting a staircase and renovation:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

The geometer / surveyor: the role of what is known as a geometer is somewhere between master builder, construction engineer and architect. He is the contact person for the building authorities, authorities in general and the community and is licensed to build or restore buildings of a certain size without an architect. He provides drafts of the condition as it is, plans the reconstruction, supervises the construction company, craftsmen and supplier, takes care of the paper work and licenses, changes the registration for the power and water supply and takes care of the annoying tasks. An official acceptance of work, like it is required in Germany, doesn’t exist in Italy (yet). He is in charge of the building supervision and is responsible for everything that happens on the building site. He takes over the responsibility for both the building owner and the construction companies and employees, as well as for the payment transactions. His salary can be agreed upon freely. He can ask for up to 14% of the contract price, yet usually it is less. Brokers with German clients often work with very dependable geometers that have already collected experience with German clients. They provide you with turn-key offers in compliance with your request. Most of the time they are familiar with the requests of German clients, therefore you will not have to come to the construction site every weekend, while the reconstruction takes place.

The building license: Within the framework of the external walls you purchased you are free to do almost everything. Yet this doesn’t include adding something new! Additions and new buildings in the countryside are not possible! But this also protects you from unpleasant surprises: You don’t have to worry to be waking up one morning with a building site in front of your window. Usually possible without any problems: Enlarge windows, build in new ones or insert doors instead of small windows, reconstructing the interior. Here you have to keep in mind that a change of use (“cambio di destinazione”) can be expensive. If you want to convert a stable into a parlor and have your geometer / surveyor report this to the building supervisory board (“cendio civile”), you have to provide a habitability clearance from the public health authority that dictates the ceiling and window heights. Chimneys: The German provisions regarding chimney sweepers are not known in the countryside of Italy. Pool: The construction of a pool is usually approved without any problems.

Meanwhile ISDN is widely used. The possibility of an ISDN connection for country houses that are located several kilometers from the next village can usually be resolved with a single call to the Telecom. DSL however is not prevalent. To date DSL is only available in towns and the process of supplying rural areas with access to DSL is just starting.

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